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Review of Me and My Ghoulfriends by Rose Pressey

I was a little apprehensive when I downloaded this book to find it has 629 pages. Shades of “Twilight” drivel danced in my head and I was afraid I might have just wasted my money, but I gave it a shot. I’ll always give a new book a shot. New-to-me authors get 15 pages to capture my attention. Life is too short (especially at my age) for drivel. I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I read it in one afternoon/evening.

The story is different enough to avoid the “not another…’ feeling. The characters are fun and engaging. I did feel a bit of repetition and a couple times found myself stating out loud “Alright, I get it, he’s a hottie! Can we move on please” That’s why I only gave this one 3 stars. A little tighter on the editing and it would have easily gotten 4. I very rarely give 5!

This one may be a hit or miss for some, but if you are a fan of this genre, give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed and will probably read more from this author.


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