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Starting a new habit

I have only been able to keep one New Year’s resolution.  Five years ago I resolved to never make another New Year’s resolution–so far, so good!  Anything I resolved to do on Jan 1st was forgotten or tossed away by Jan 7th, so I decided to save myself the time and aggravation associated with the process.

That said, I have decided to begin a new habit this year. Still not calling it a resolution, but more of a choice to change something in my life that can only make my life better.  I decided to be conscious of the positive and not so aware of the negatives around me.

Negativity causes stress, and no one needs to be reminded of all the problems associated with stress.  Negativity is easy to find, especially if we go out there looking for it.  If I spent more time looking for the positives in a situation, maybe I’ll end up missing some of the negatives and that would not be a bad thing, would it?

So, my new habit begins today.  It’s a beautiful day in NC. The chilly air is a reminder of the warmth of home and family.  It is good to be alive.  So far–so good.


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