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Don’t ya just LOVE a little mystery?

I do! For me there is nothing better than sliding into my favorite fuzzy socks, sliding into my cozy chair and opening the cover of a mystery novel.  I love to lose myself in a well-told story, but I’m a bit picky on the genre.  My favorite books are chalked full of murder, mayhem and if there’s a little romance and a lot of giggles tossed in the mix, I’m all the happier.

Some of my favorite authors are:

Margaret Maron–her Deborah Knott series should be a must-read for every fan of the genre!

Carolyn Hart–Yankee Doodle Dead is a how-to for writing a wonderful cozy mystery.

Sylvia Dickey Smith–Sidra  Smart is a girl after my own heart!

Austin Camacho–Hannibal Jones needs his own weekly tv show–but only if Austin gets control. Wonderful books with a kick-butt hero who has a heart and it doesn’t hurt that I have Shemar Moore pictured in my head each time I read one of this books. 😀

Marta Stephens–Sam Harper is another character who deserves his own tv show!

Some others that I love to read are:

Mignon Ballard, Patricia Sprinkle, Cathy Pickens, Tess Gerritson, Julie Kenner (Demon hunting soccer mom? What can be better than that?) Casey Daniels, and so many more.
Say you haven’t heard some of these names before? Head over to your favorite book seller and pick up a few titles.  If you love mysteries, cozies especially, then you won’t be disappointed! 😀


I plan to use this blog to post my reviews of the books I read, pass along ideas, information, and advice when the notion strikes and just put what’s on my mind out there for anyone who may care to read it.

Hope you will come back soon.  You just never know what I’ll be saying.


One comment on “Don’t ya just LOVE a little mystery?

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